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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Aikido doesn't require fitness so most aikido players are old, fat and not strong enough"
My sensei is not fat but can still throw 2 people at the same time.

you can not attack in aikido you just receiving and waiting what the attackers will do"
ahhh, in Yoshinkan aikido, the shite attacks!

" many aikido techniques depend on grabbing which is rarely happen in real fights"
Grabbing simulates a punch, for me its just the same.

" aikido focuses on hands to applying its techniques and ignores the rest of the body, no kicks no punches no jumping"
Locks are supposed to be applied in a way that it affects the wrists, elbow, shoulder, spine and finally the knees, if it is properly done you dont need to kick and punch

" aikido is only good for seminars and demonstrations"
Because aikido is good!

" aikido is too traditional, no body use sword in our world today"
My sensei still uses his sword

" aikido is a philosophy more than a combat way" etc……
all the orignal combative techniques to kill are not gone, its hidden in all the basic techniques and goes out whenever needed
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