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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

My rant was just trying to show that neither sport nor traditional arts will prepare you for a gun.
Ah, but I never said either did I? Try this...either read the history of my posts here, and gain at least a somewhat accurate picture of my opinions, or don't jump to unfounded conclusions. I actually agree with parts of what you say...not to the same extreme though.

There is no doubt that being physically fit, comfortable in many ranges of sport combat, and used to resistive training will help you, not hurt you, in a real confrontation. Especially if it is a "pride" match between young males (these can be very real). Even if it's a life or death struggle.

I also have no doubt that the skills I learn from non-resistive training are also a benefit in those situations. And beyond those situations. In a sporting contest? Not so much. I'm ok with that. We simply have different measuring sticks.


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