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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

Don wrote:

Of course what your really saying is we should give up and no longer practice hand to hand combat because it is simply useless. You are also saying that you are 100% aware and no one will ever get the drop on you, you will never need to defend yourself hand to hand because you have a knife/gun/deadly eye gouge or leg pinch. Your attackers will always present themselves in a manner which will allow you time to draw your weapon and defend yourself. And you are trained to make sure you can never get that weapon used against you.
No, "over training" is a good model to train against. Also the type of training you are doing is correct.

I would only caution not to use the word "dead" as opposed to "aliveness" it is not an opposite argument. Not sure if you agree with my previous post on the subject...but aikido is not dead training...not necessarily "complete" as a system to accomplish the goals of making a good "fighter", but also the skills are not "dead" or bogus.

assimilating training and habits learned in the methodical way of aikido can prove to be very effective if you do apply them in a fully resistive way...I do this all the time.

As you now from BJJ learn in class and then you must develop your own "game". You can apply the principles learned in aikido in much the same matter.

I'd submit that many things we do in BJJ would be considered "dead" or a waste of time if you want to go down that path of saying things done in TMAs are 'dead". I do many things in BJJ that I would never use in a real by that definition...much of ANY art would be considered "dead".

I simply don't like using the word "dead" for that reason.
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