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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

But having actually had 'alive' training, I am accustom to getting hit, thrown, and attacked.
I am acustomed to the same.
I will have also presure tested my techniques and will have a better handle on what I can and can not do to the guy coming at me.
I have presure tested my technique as well...different tests for the most part though. But some were what you would recognize.
I feel this gives me better odds then doing kata all day long.
No problems there. But the preaching...ow...
Of course what your really saying is we should give up and no longer practice hand to hand combat because it is simply useless.
I'm not saying that at all. I am noting a historic fact...and making the point that what you said is obvious is not quite so.
You are also saying that you are 100% aware and no one will ever get the drop on you, you will never need to defend yourself hand to hand because you have a knife/gun/deadly eye gouge or leg pinch. Your attackers will always present themselves in a manner which will allow you time to draw your weapon and defend yourself. And you are trained to make sure you can never get that weapon used against you.
I'm certainly not saying that. And I'm not really arguing with you either. Just presenting some additional information to the mix. Hey, you can preach what you like...why can't I have a say without you mis-characterizing what I think or say?


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