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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Uh, it's obvious under certain rules in a sporting environment. Not necessarily so outside of that environment.

I remember a pretty well known Thai boxer who had a gym in the states. He saw someone swipe his car, and ran after the fellow down the street, and caught up to him at a stop sign or stop light.

The Thai boxer was promptly shot dead.

No amount of competitive or non-competitive training was going to prepare him for that.

Ron (no ring, no rules, no problem [if you're packin'])
That's so objective. I like said "but what about thing X". There are always exceptions. Of course I can't learn how to handle attack by a sucide bomber with aikido or a cruise missle with my bjj. I can however learn how to deal with un-armed attackers. Or maybe if i'm lucky I can learn to deal with attackers armed with knives or clubs. I might be able to learn how to escape unharmed from a mob. However I can actually test all these things in my sport enviroment. I can find out that I can actually do to defend myself against a single unarmed attacker by actually getting attacked by a single unarmed attacker. The same goes for multiple attackers. Its such a simple concept I dont know why people aruge about it so much.

Yes, I dont know if they guy has a knife, or a gun, or anthrax. Maybe he has 12 friends at the bar. But having actually had 'alive' training, I am accustom to getting hit, thrown, and attacked. I will have also presure tested my techniques and will have a better handle on what I can and can not do to the guy coming at me. I feel this gives me better odds then doing kata all day long.

Of course what your really saying is we should give up and no longer practice hand to hand combat because it is simply useless. You are also saying that you are 100% aware and no one will ever get the drop on you, you will never need to defend yourself hand to hand because you have a knife/gun/deadly eye gouge or leg pinch. Your attackers will always present themselves in a manner which will allow you time to draw your weapon and defend yourself. And you are trained to make sure you can never get that weapon used against you.

No method of self defense is perfect. Every single one has flaws. Stand up boxing? What about leg kicks, and takedowns? BJJ? What about lava and broken glass or multiple attackers? Guns? What if the guy gets the drop on you when your not looking? What if they attack you in your car? What if they attack you with a car? Aikido? What if they dont 'commit' their attacks? What if they have a gun? What if they guy is on meth and breaks his own arm to choke you?

We can ask questions like this all day. Any situation you can come up with I can tell you why it wont work. What you can do is pick a likley situtation and plan for it. I plan to do a lot of sport fighting. I can plan for it. Secondary to this I plan to defend myself from single attackers in clubs/bars (the only likley place for me to get attacked). My plan is to keep them at bay until bouncers come get them. If I am mugged, I'm giving up my wallet. If you break into my home I'm giving you a load of shotgun.

I think my point still stands. For hand to hand self defense I would bet on the 'alive' trained fighter (boxing, judo, bjj, etc) over any 'dead' trained art. If you can't do it against a fully resisting opponent in the ring why would you even dream you can do it against one on the street with even less rules? If you can't do it 50% of the time with a complaint partner how can you even dream it works in the street?

And for the record, no amount of spirtial training is gooing to prepare you to get shot in the face either.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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