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Re: Article: A Re-transliteration of Osensei's "Kannagara no Jutsu" by "The Grindston

David Valadez wrote:
Additionally, we have to note that this was a lecture given by Osensei. In all likelihood, the source of the translation was not a text written by Osensei at all. The tone and rhythm of the text strongly suggests that Osensei was speaking this lecture with no notes, or at most from only casual notes. It hardly points toward Osensei reading a lecture. Thus, the text to be translated was most likely a transcription written by someone else -- someone set to note Osensei's discussion for the sake of posterity. In that case, the translator did not did not have Osensei's kanji at his disposal either.
In fact, by its terms it was only a spoken lecture, e.g. --"This evening I would like to give a simple talk in response to requests from you, the students. Lectures on bujutsu are never about anything that one can really talk or write about."

The same is the case with "Takemusu Aiki". That was transcribed and edited by Hideo Takahashi of the Byakko Shinkokai and the AJ English verision was translated by Sonoko Tanaka. It is available in the original transcriber's text, here:

The "Kannagara no jutsu" English translation is plainly from a similar transcription. The text does not tell where the talk was given or to whom. Peter Goldsbury may have means to find this out.

Erick Mead
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