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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip

Combat effecitivness is easy to test. Really anything physical is easy to test. All we require is a large enough sample of people willing to fight. I know, you are going to say that fighting with rules is different they fighting on the street because of X thing. I'm not going to bother to attempt to sway your opinion. I will only suggest that you test yourself. If you are confident in your ablities, find a friendly enviroment and spar with someone. Allow strikes, takedowns, ground work etc. Make sure that person is a 3rd party (aka outside of your school and art). Try to find someone who trains in the manner described above. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, bjj, judo, etc. If you do well, then congrats, your training is working for you. If you do not do well, then maybe concider adding this kind of training to your current training. I belive that with a large enough sample of people doing this that the percentage of effective people with be greater on the 'alive' side then on the 'dead' side. Its a waste of time to say "Because X person was able to use aikido I will be able to use aikido when the time comes". There are exceptions to every rule, the question to ask is are the people who use kata only or 'dead' arts successfully the exception, or the rule. Its very obvious that the successful users of 'alive' arts are the rule.

I can buy into the whole non physical side of 'dead' arts. I simply belive its not the best way to learn the physical side of martial arts. I belive this though my own person exp on both sides of the fence. All that matters is what works for you, but dont lie to yourself, make sure it works for you. Providing you are concerned with being an effective fighter that is.

- Don
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