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Re: Questions re: mistaken presumptions

Lynn Seiser wrote:
I don't know about that. I've heard some people explain exactly what they are doing the it helped the learning curve tremendously.
hi guys, sorry if i'm resurrecting a bit of an old thread...lynn, i agree with you. although there are many insturctors who do like to talk, and may contradict themselves given enough time, it is good to explain exactly what you want uke or nage to do...

one situation comes to mind. recently, after a class at camp, a few of us went out for food with Seki sensei. the conversation went from aikido, to the dog races we'd been to, to the food we were eating and then back to aikido. one of the guys said something like 'sensei, i'm trying to do this (movement) and we lose the connection. uke kees letting go. how do i get him to hold on?' and Sensei answered, 'well, in japan, we tell them to hold on'

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