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I bet you can counter throw from the type of fall..assuming I'm imagining it right.
The final postion of our fall: Lie down on the ground. Arch your back, protecting your kidneys from the ground. One leg is tucked and one foot is on the ball, ready to kick.
Ideally, foot, butt, upper back, etc. all hit at the same time. Your lower back never touches with the arch. Your butt would only hit hard if you fetal instead of arch.

Originally posted by Abasan

Opps... all this time I've been doing breakfalls that look almost like a mae ukemi. Although we do land on the side, it still entails uke to bend at the waist like he's going to roll. Sometimes, in a particularly fast and high throw, uke might even land on his folded feet similar to the position when you get up from a front roll.

Is this dangerous? I don't understand how you can fall straight on the floor with your back being arched. Wouldn't that hurt your lower back or at the least, your bum?
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