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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
BJJ Overly complex?

It does look like a series of very complex moves when you first engage it. What I found though is that it really is about the appropriate response to a input from your opponent through proper alignment, positioning of your center etc.
Actually I was referring to the moves that they teach the beginners here. I was getting the same results with simpler moves, but I do agree with you that its mainly an exercise in what you described. And as such its a chance to play in the "sandbox" and test out new body skills.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Conceptually I don't separate internal and external or objectify the whole ki all simply rolls into proper body mechanics and principle of dynamic movement...they are universal and learned from repetition...doing the same correct thing over and over and over until you finally figure it out.
I don't either, but I think the main part where we differ is in the approach to training. If you focus too much on dynamic movement, it becomes hard to understand how to move correctly, much less strengthen the connections that need to be strengthened etc.
The arena of dynamic movmenent is really a playbox for me, nothing else. A necessary one to be sure.
But the real meat of the training tends to be in the solo exercises.

Like you said though, if you can't bring them to bear in a dynamic situation, its worthless.

Ark will probably be doing another seminar sometime nextyear in Holland. I'd recommend you look us up. He most definitely uses this stuff in a free form format
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