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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Jim Sorrentino wrote:
Robert,I'll ask you what I have asked Dan H. and others: put a video on YouTube of Akuzawa doing the jo trick (and you, if you can do it), and post the link here. Otherwise, it's just talk.

Jim Sorrentino
I'll see if I can't get video of it at the next seminar.
I assume you've already seen the other videos of him on youtube

All these tricks do is demonstrate a principal, nothing more. Making it easy for the external viewer to see what's going on is an "art" in itself

I do have another video up which might be more interesting for those who know what they're looking at.
It's a vid of Ark "resisting" a push by two people(although he's not really resisting), while he stands feet parrallel, knees locked, hands extended.
The direction he's being pushed in "should" physically be the direction he's weakest in, but he doesn't get pushed over(Remember, he's got his knees locked, feet shoulder width, and parrellel).
Anyways if people are interested, I'll see if I can't edit out the boring bits and post it.
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