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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Once again, I am not saying this stuff as no application in training. Just not a direct transferrence to effectiveness necessarily. I think Robert John demonstrates this in his example.
Kevin... if I took your attitude, I'd say that weight training and getting strong has no proven benefit in a fight. Case in point, I grab a guy that works out in the gym and I put him in the ring with Chuck Liddell. Liddell kicks his butt. Kevin says, "See, weight training doesn't work when you put it to the test". I give up, Kevin. You don't grasp the concept and I'm not anxious enough to explain it 30 times. As a matter of fact, Kevin, since Chuck Liddell can kick YOUR butt, why do you even do martial arts????.... it obviously doesn't work for you. But hey..... since Chuck Liddell can kick Osama's butt, let's send him a message that says the jig is up.


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