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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Guys I am all over it when you are talking theorectical and training. Where I start having issues is when you cross over to "reality"

Point in case, Mike's explaination above on the Un-bendable arm. Strong in which way? Again, no issue demonstrating the strength of alignment, concentration etc...from a static view point.

Can I move one of those problem...I will move any one of them. Strength is realitive to the defined parameters and the situation at hand.

Can I move one of them within the restrictions of the exercise...probably not.

However once you cross over from the theorectical to reality, well all bets are off.

If I pick up a baseball bat....or bring out Chuck Liddell, or a weapon...well we just changed the parameters and I'd say they would probably fail to demonstrate much of anything at all.

It is all a matter of perspective.

It is not a big deal really, unless you are talking about transferring this stuff to a real situtation (however you define real)...then we have varying degrees of success and transferability of skills.

As in the other thread dealing with Matt Thornton, I think this is his point basically when he addresses martial arts and the issues he has with it. I have the same issues.
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