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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises


I think you will find Rob was using his example of rolling with them as his experimenting with these skills in the ground game. Perhaps the fact that he doesn't have a jujutsu background and he could walk in and play by just using his body skill training was his point, which he has been up front about before. Not that he was a better fighter...he is experimenting and learning. It will be fun to see him 5 years from now if he keeps it up. Training in internal skills, and training in fighting.
See ...there it is again. That inescapable point that keeps rearing it practical head; Skills only...not a measure of fighting ability per se...but can be used in a fighting sense. Can't make someone a fighter, but will improve fighting. Oops....logic alert. Mundane practicality.

And his teacher doing the jo trick with his you think he is trying to say he can beat people up with his pinky? I mean is that what you think his point is? What my point is? How many times did I say "Most guys I know will hit me over the head with the stick and walk away." Its just an exercise to demonstrate to YOURSELF where you are progressing with your...........body skills.

Seems to me someone talks about the "practical" potentials of these skills..and everyone goes off to la la land, wait.... lets explore that;
In this thread we have talked about shoveling, pitching hay, wearing armor, pushing cattle in a stall, all manner of practical uses for using your whole body and NOT just your arms and shoulders or just driving with flexed ass, hips, or legs. And as a reply we hear; "Ki"... and "magic nonsense", hippy ki crap, with no practical use etc etc.

Next up I discuss how the connections in the body make a more powerful punch or low line kick, throw resistance, lock resistence, better strength on the ground with a path from the knees to hand or chest, or for a better or more usable strength that is relaxed and better able to read an opponent in a grappling sense. Basically a better strength to knock someone out, choke em out, resist being thrown, throwing, or being unlockable your self.
then get as a reply;
"What good is it in a fight?"

Over and over I have stressed that these skills are a practical means to increase strength or work load. From everyday balance to better shoveling and hauling. Tossing a bale or tossing johnny more efficiently. In short what I am, and have been discussing is practical body mechanics. Relagating the discussion to etherial "ki" debates has been your bent-not mine bud.

If you have learned how to stack someone or to smash them or to post you have learned principles of mechanics and how they effect two bodies in conflict. Likewise, internal skills are principles that will make your body more efficient to handle load stress or deliver power.

Some may be better then others at fighting, others better at internal skills but can't deliver in a fight as well, they are tow different topics that can interelate very well. But they don't have to
They can just make a better laborer. Which is probably where they were first discovered

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