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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Jim Sorrentino wrote:
Robert,I'll ask you what I have asked Dan H. and others: put a video on YouTube of Akuzawa doing the jo trick (and you, if you can do it), and post the link here. Otherwise, it's just talk.
Jim, I thought about posting one after you and I exchanged emails the other day, but unless we do as Wendy Rowe suggested and indicate who is pushing the jo at what angle and at how much force, we won't know a lot. If someone DOES do that, then the cry will come, "Why can't they withstand the push of 3 NFL linebackers (which of course O-Sensei never did, that we have records of). It gets down to Tohei withstanding a forearm push while standing on one leg. He's making a point about how he deliberately sources the ground in an angle from his foot.... but there will be people who focus on the "trick" and want to drive a '55 Chevy Pickup into his forearm sneer at him if he can't withstand that..... I.e., some people will deliberately work all day to miss an obvious point without realizing exactly who it is they're making look like an idiot.

Last night as I was going to sleep I was thinking about submitting a still photo of me doing the jo trick, but with my partner pushing the jo while standing on the wall next to me.... I thought a little PhotoShop might be fun. But then I fell asleep.

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