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Re: Aliveness in Martial Arts Video Clip


About the only thing I disagree wth you on is this notion you have that you think you understand what I am talking about. What I am and have been discussing is practical body mechanics. Relagating the discussion to etherial "ki" debates has been your bent.

I am talking about a better way to knock someone out, choke em out, resist being thrown, throwing, or being unlockable your self.
How on this green earth you think that doesn't relate to martial arts is your lack of understanding of these skills sets.
If you have learned how to stack someone or to smash them or to post you have learned principles of mechanics and how they effect tow bodies in conflict.
Likewise, internal skills are principles that will make your body more efficient to handle load stress or deliver power.
I think I'm done here as I keep stressing the practicality and you continually relagate is to "ki" deabtes.
I'd rather you said "Dan I hear you . I just disagree that these skills are usefull." Than to ignore the fact that I am continually stressing practical fighting aspects.
At least we are then communicating straight up, but dissagreeing.

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