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Hi Lena-
I've been meditating for about half a year now and i have found it to be a very fruitful experience. The way i began was by not choosing a specific time of day to meditate but to just meditate when i feel like it. This way you will eventually find patterns in the timeof day you choose to meditate and that can lead to more self-understanding. As far as the actual meditation goes i usually sit it seiza, but you can sit cross-legged if seiza isn't comfortable right now. Then just do basic counting of each breath. I usually count ten breaths and then start over. Don't try to reach ten breaths as quickly as possible but don't hold your breath either. Also, i usually open a window or even meditate outside, this way you aren't deafened by the silence and you can re-centre yourself into nature. Or even put on some classical music and just kind of imagine a serene place. After a while i'm told you'll find a happy and almost uephoric state of meditation but i haven't come to that yet. When you meditate close your eyes and re-trace your day or just think about anything you want. Some say you shouldn't think of anything while you meditate but i think meditation is a process of self-centering, and you should do whatever it takes to return back to your centre. As far as sitting completely still, you don't have to. If you have an itch scratch it! Also i can't stress enough that meditation doesn't have to be in the stereotypical way where the yogi is sitting in a deep trance chanting. Meditation can be done in any activity. Walking, running, reading, swimming, talking with a loved one, skiing, skydiving, what ever. As long as you are making peace with yourself and having a good time it can be anything. Also if you think meditation is way above your head consider this: i'm only thirteen.


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