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Well. This is my first post and here goes. It is only a little of the current topic in this forum but I would have fitted in somewhere earlier I guess.

I live in SA and for all of SA being a beutiful place to live in we live in a very dangerous society. People are killed daily. Thing is: In America if someone is killed CNN will be full of it. (We get CNN here too ) If someone here is killed it is another reason to leave the country and precious little else. Nobody mentions it or thinks about it if that person wasn't direct family. It will probably be on some paper's third page or something...

For me this is terrible and yet a real reality. So. Being the peacefull guy I try to be I do Aikido. The other day though we had a story in the news of a person that was about to be robbed (read robbed and killed) and through having done "a" martial art he defended himself and the attacker got injured. Only injured. The defender was held at gun-point and yet he only injured the attacker. I have doubts sometimes about if I would have been able to not kill that person or injure him SERIOUSLY. (The current poll is like a scene from a nightmare )

Yet this defender was not congratulated for saving his pregnant wife or for stopping a crime OR for helping in getting a criminal in jail. No. This attacker was released almost immediately and the defender was sent to jail for "man-slaughter with intent to injure seriously"

This filled me with a lot of emotions. I don't really know what place Aikido can have in a society like this. Actually Im sure it serves excellent in this context yet I feel more than a little depressed about this. How would you all have handled this situation?

Pieter Breed
Stellenbosch South Africa

PS - Maybe I should add that I usually wear I smile and wave to people that I don't know with a stupid looking grin on my face ...

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Pieter Breed
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South Africa
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