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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Robert John wrote:

it's funny that while I'd never really done grappling work extensively before, I was able to roll into the local gracie academy here in Tokyo and roll on par with some of the blue belts. (Something I've mentioned in other posts). The skills that Mike, Dan etc have been talking about directly apply to the ground as well
And its a good thing too, otherwise I probably would've had my ass choked out in under 30 seconds if I didn't have a smattering of these skills
How long have you been studying aikido?

I find it interesting that you use as a gauge of your abilities a Japanese BJJ Blue Belt student. The average BJJ Blue belt has been studying off the street about 1 to 1.5 years in the art.

I have no issue with the transference of skill, in fact I received my BJJ Blue belt with about 6 months or training, my first stripe after about 1 solid year of training. I attribute it to my aikido background.

But what does that say about my 8 plus years of aikido skills and so-called internal training as it applies to ground grappling and fully resistive training? (I don't just ground grapple in BJJ/MMA). It is important, but in reality, it was not all that big of a deal.

Point is, these guys (blue belts) don't worry about "internal" training and "Jo tricks" and yet we have people with years of experience that use the average American BJJ student as a gauge for their ability in internal training!

This logic is what has me confused about the value of the "Jo trick" when we are talking physcial martial ability. I am not talking about theoretical understanding or mental, spiritual aspects...simply physical abilities in actual application.
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