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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Thanks for that explanation Dan (as you can see I feel pretty confortable with first names).

I think that Mr. Thonton made some pretty good points but his arrogance during his speach was shining through too intensely for my tastes. Training with "aliveness" is great but refining technique to the point where its natural for your body to perform it properly is necessary in my mind. This technique execution still still requires timing (which he said it doesn't) in order to perform it in a randori type situations. No timing and you get smacked in the head or torso or whatever. No timing and the uke rolls out of the technique. No timing and the uke counters with a smack to an open area. I'm not sure if Mr. Thornton really understands Aikido since he said that the movements are all choriographed. He basically said that a kotegeashi would never work in a real fight. I personally think that he is wrong. I know of a few instances where Aikido technique (Ikajo, Nikkio, kotehineri) worked well in real encounters and you hear these stories on here quite often from bouncers, law enforcement people who are subjected to such situations. Perhaps Mr. Thornton is just closed minded and a good salesman for his system. There is nothing better to entice new people than to convince them that everything else is worthless.
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