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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Paul Nowicki wrote:
I see that your Dojo is an Akido Dojo in the Location description for you and you said that you preach to your guys more less what this guy said (when it comes to effectiveness). I can't say that I disagree too much with most of what he said. I'm just wondering how you incorporated these training principles/methods to your Aikido practice.

I'm pretty surprised at your responces pretty well agreeing with what this guy said in the video. Mainly because at the begining of his speach he mentioned that he will not be teaching them any "F@*^cking hippy bul$@it Chi/ki force" yet you're one of the guys on this forum that promotes Ki develpment and talks about how it can be very usefull. You mentioned in other threads that you have mastered it to some degree and find it pretty effective and applicable. What are your thoughts on that?


Paul-hope you don't mind the first name use.

I don't advocate or even discuss "Ki" per se, as most people -for many reasons that are as controversial as the subject itself-don't agree on what Ki is.
The fellow in the video was my view discussing his knowledge and understanding of something he doesn't know or can express. I just allow for it and continue listening.

With Internal skills, while the discussions may be judged insubstantial here....I do the same thing with the video-I just "allow" for that view. Anyone who has done the work can demonstrably show various levels of progress that do indeed…. have substance. Whether or not the "audience" gets it or agrees here bears no reflection on the truth of it.

Here is another major point that many folks miss.
These skills are not about us. Our individual successes or failures do not reflect the validity or truth of these underlying internal skills-just where we are each at with expressing them.
It really doesn't matter if a. is better than b. at exhibiting …his…. progress. Think of it in Aikido,or jujutsu-does one player, being worse than another; disqualify the entire art?
Of course not.

So it is with internal skills. The skills are skills that may never be used for fighting. But whether or not someone can use them to fight does not disqualify the skills. I have played with CMA folks who can demonstrate the skills but they really can’t fight much. That doesn’t detract from the validity of the skills does it? Then I have played with fighters who are all muscle-but still- damn good fighters. Their talent was in their fighting acumen-.not optimal use of their bodies.
The two; internal skills and fighting skills; can remain a separate topic with no trouble. However, some are exploring, and learning how to join them. I think something substantial can be born of it.

You do not know me. But I am, and have always been a pragmatist. Show me a thing and if you capture my interest-not always easy to do-I will work it tenaciously, even obsessively and experiment. But always with practical, measurable, results as a goal.
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