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Re: Fees Ranting (Caution)


Brother, you and I sound like squeeky wheels on the same axle... we surely have come from under the same rock. My son, Aaron, made me promise about 15 years ago or so that I would stop doing similar things that you mentioned. I had done these things for many years because that's how I grew up and my teachers treated me. Aaron told me that he doesn't care if I don't make any money but that I should stop losing money. Sorta makes sense now. Since I made that promise I have paid the bills out of student payments and haven't lost any money (except due to my own brilliant decisions... how come they all seem like such a good ideas at the time????) to speak of. I get by and actually get along with my boss really well and am free to follow the muse.

There's a lot of spoiled folks out there. Funny, the first question most people ask is what does it cost and what do I get for my money. My answers are "just enough" and "the chance to learn"... those that like those answers ask to join our dojo and usually end up staying for quite awhile.

Keep the faith and take care,

Chuck Clark
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