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Re: Ki breathing

Originally posted by otto
Mr. Ehara

I've practiced the breathing exercise described on the link you posted.

But i have found extreme dificulty to do it as shown....

Muchos Saludos
Ottoniel Ojeda

P.S:i'm very interested in the aikido style instructed by the Ki Society , sadly there aren't any know dojos here in Venezuela...would u happen to know any in the country...or what would u recommend to someone interested in pursuing that particular such conditions..
I know the article gives you the amount of seconds that you should be in the neutral postion and how much time to inhale and exhale. But when you are beginning to do breathing exercise, forget about the time!

You want to breathe in a comfortable, relaxed manner. You don't need to start off by breathing long and hard. You'll build up to it naturally over time. You don't need to force yourself, since the main purpose of the exercise is to learn how to relax. If you take less than 5 seconds, Don't Worry. If your exhale is not a perfect Haaa, Don't Worry.

You can also look at other people who do abdominal breathing like yoga, qi-gong and other Japanese martial artists like karate. Their techniques may be different, but the type of breathing is the same.

Since you have access to the internet, you can order books by Ki Society members online. The Ki in Aikido by CM Shifflet is a good start, especially for someone who has Aikido training. You can get together with some friends and try out the exercises.

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