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Question Ki breathing

Mr. Ehara

I've practiced the breathing exercise described on the link you posted.

But i have found extreme dificulty to do it as shown....especially after exhaling all the air out....after doing that and returnig to the neutral position...i've experienced a series of rapid i try to control myself from inhaling too fast.....

i have found exhaling difficul slowly very difficult too...

have these Spasm (or contractions) ocurred to any of you in the past...are they normal..or maybe i'm pushing myself too much..

thanks very much in advance , and please excuse my bad english.

Muchos Saludos
Ottoniel Ojeda

P.S:i'm very interested in the aikido style instructed by the Ki Society , sadly there aren't any know dojos here in Venezuela...would u happen to know any in the country...or what would u recommend to someone interested in pursuing that particular such conditions..

Thanks again for your patience.

"Perfection is a Process"
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