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Re: Poll: How different are the roles of nage and uke to you?

David Knowlton wrote:
Si Wilson:

Oh dear. You should try our beginners

Cooperation is truly a foreign concept! I find many of them truly unpredictable, and more dangerous than experienced practitioners. I have heard that OSensei preached helping beginners - now I know why - it's tough, and it's scary!

Ah ha! I should be more clear when I post!

Beginners are told not to resist and shown how not to get hurt. Though at times I do think that beginners should only practice with other beginners, because the danger is that an experienced Aikidoka doing a technique on a beginner, the beginner can get hurt. Not by the Sh'te wacking the technique on them, but by the beginner tensing up and the experienced Aikidoka having the technique tight!

This happened to me recently. I was training with a young guy and he tensed up as I moved as in the first move of Shumatsu Dosa Ichi. It tore all the ligaments in his left forearm. I was so ashamed that I had hurt him, but really he had hurt himself, by tensing up on the first move. By the way, he was not a beginner, but a young brown belt.

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