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Re: Joke

Philip Purcell wrote:
Here is another one I heard recently, sorry to any French people

An American Tourist is out in London, having had a few pints of the Indian Pale Ale needs to answer the call of nature. He walks for what seems like miles to find a public convenience and decides that given his increasing urgency to duck off down an alley and do what needs to be done. No sooner than his zipper is down PC Plod walks round the corner.

"Allo, Allo, Allo what's goin' on here?" He asks.

"Gee whiz officer I need a whiz" replies the tourist.

PC Plod explains to the tourist that he can not urinate on the Queens good streets and asks him to follow him. The pair walk for a few hundred meters and come out onto a garden with beautiful flat lawns, rose bushes and manicured hedges. The constable gestures to a bush and the tourist does what needs to be done.

The tourist comes out from behind the bush with a more relieved comfortable look on his face.

"Is this what you call the great British welcome?" Asks the tourist.

"No" replies the officer. "We call this the French embassy"

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