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Re: Poll: How different are the roles of nage and uke to you?

Sh'te (Nage for the Aikikai people) is doing the technique, having received Uke's attack.

Uke has to give a strong committed attack, no poncing around waving an effemminate hand at Sh'te, a COMMITTED ATTACK!

Sh'te must receive that attack and APPLY the technique, not simply moving through the motions. Nikajo should pin Uke to the tatami. Sankajo should have Uke on their toes.

Uke should receive the technique, but give some resistance to ensure that Sh'te is not simply moving throush the motions.

Very diiferent roles, but with Sh'te making sure the technique is "ON" and Uke making sure that Sh'te doesn't simply walk through the technique.

Of course, for beginners it is totally co-operative.

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