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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Hello I thought this relationship between uke and nage was called "Inwashi" Or key blending movements ! Just going back to few posts ago. This movement is the foundation not only for aiki but all MA all over the world. This I know! Unless uke doesnt move or react then nage gets to have a field day. The energy or dynamics have to be in play. I do have a video of Saito Sensei doing such a throw in a demonstration, but Sensei is going a bokken takeaway. He only touches the bokken. I think this throw is possible without grabing a hand technique or gi. I believe it is in the hips. and the energy of uke that makes it happen. If I am off base then my aplogizes. I do believe a throw can be done like this under real circumstances if the energy exists. It can only work if nage is prepared and the just the right situation exist. OSensei did do these throws and from what I have heard the uke's were not coming in like they were dancing. They applied the force necessary, and OSensei demonstrated this with effectiveness. I have seen the throw personally also which made me a believer. Like I said it takes the right situation, Ki and timing for this to work in a real situation. I dont believe there is anything diluted in Aikido.

Thanks Jamie
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