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Ritchie Martinez
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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

Hi Raul,

You don't have to make any comments with regards to anyone's skill, neither do I, what I said was, that if you get to see him do his thing then you decide if he can be classified as an 8th Dan on not, forget Aikikai or Ki society for now. As I've said earlier, I'm still doing research regarding the matter. Anyway, I know you're just cautious when it comes to the AIkikai organization, but it would be very difficuly to control people from using the word, a lot of Camar Sensei's students hailed from the clubs former name Philippine Aikikai. The club might have lost its affiliation with the Aikikai due to reasons I have to find out, but a lot of Camar Sensei's students believe that the club and style is still Aikikai, I also believe it still is, with or withiut affiliation, as you've said, its just politics.

Hi Arnold,

Its nice to know that you were once with Camar Sensei, Ahmed Sensei is still active and I do practice with him at the dojo in Alabang, the others, well, sometimes. And you know what, during your time and this time, it is pretty much the same when it comes to participating in seminars. But, I think I'll stick with the old man, his ways seems to be strange sometimes, but this is what keeps him different from all others. You know what I mean.

Hope to hear more from you guys.

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