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Ai symbol Prediction and it is all theory

Sorry Mongo, gotta disagree with you here. If it was all theory and dynamic as you say, even with just the simple application of force to defend against an attack, then all of our (Western and Eastern civ.) combat training and tradition has been for naught. Actually it is quite the opposite. Combat theory and behaviors have been quite well developed over the past 3000 years. The well trained person (be they martial artist, policeman, seal, marine)knows exactly how much force (with many variables) they want to exert in any given situation(with more variables). And likewise, we know that a person will attack in a certain fashion with an x amount of force with pretty easily recognizable variables.
And as for never being able to get that sort of training except in war, streets or prison, that also is not entirely true. There are types of training that do a pretty good job of mimicking combat stress.
PS Lets continue on and talk about examples
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