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Ritchie Martinez
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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

Hi Raul,

I haven't actually taken ukemi from any other Shinans except from Camar Sensei. I can tell you, he's good, but I don't want to say anymore regarding Camar Sensei's skills. It is really not for me to tell whom we can level him with, I'm just saying what I know. As the old man keeps on saying, regardless the rank, what's important is that you practice what Aikido teaches you. Have you ever seen him on the mat? Maybe you have to if you haven't yet, then maybe you decide if he can be classified as an 8th Dan, AIkikai or not, he is not hard to find, you can find him where Arnold said he would be. Lastly, there are good people near us that we sometimes fail to see or we simply just ignore because we tend to look far.

Good day!
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