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Re: are you combat effective!

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Ah, I'm so disapointed!!! I hoped for the first time in my short life to see somebody, who like O sensei could do a tenkan against the bullets......I even bought a ticket to Dumaguete City for next week. And now you tell me that you are cheating, that all your story about combat effectiveness is a fake????? no real knives?????? not even real guns????? .............You will have a hard time, because I'm coming with the real knives, live blade katana and a kalashnikov.

hope to see you soon Aldie!
Wow!.. I don't think if your still training to be effective in Aikido that you would dare do tenkan or all sorts of techniques with real knives, or guns or whatever.. right?.. I have not heard of such a dojo..

But anyway the real purpose of it all using FAKE as you say is safety.. surely no one would want to be responsible for chopping off someone else's fingers or arms .. or cutting yourself..

Anyway the real purpose their is to expose us practitioners on applying aikido techniques when your practice partner attacks you with let say a FAKE knife, or whatever..
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