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Re: are you combat effective!

Are you combat effective!.. I can say the dojo I'm learning Aikido from is indeed equipping it's practitioners to be combat effective..

We learn the real value of Aikido by learning it's effectiveness against other forms of Martial Arts. We train to hand to hand combat, hand to armed combat, and armed to armed combat. Armed!.. meaning armed with a knife, a jo, a bokken, an arnis, a gun, a ballpen, and a lot more. We really don't use real knives or guns but what is important is that you are taught of defending yourself effectively against all this through Aikido.

But hey!.. don't be thinking that we view Aikido as an art simply to break bones, hurt people, or whatever. We do value most of all it's timely principles and that we do prefer talking yourself out of trouble rather than.. you know!..

Thank you for your time!..
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