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raul rodrigo
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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

HI Arnold,

No one is questioning the fact that Camar was once accredited by Hombu Dojo. That's part of local aikido history. What I'm driving at is that his dojo seems to have allowed the tie with the Aikikai to lapse, for the reasons I've already stated above. Once an affiliation lapses, then curious things can happen, such as a claim to 8th dan. Camar's generation of 1960s/70s aikidoka (Talag, Gavileno, etc) seem to have all lost their affiliation with Aikikai either openly or quietly. When the Japanese shihan visit, the senior Filipino senseis they acknowledge (and Rommel will back me up here) are people like Jun Mateo (Batobalani) and Mariel Macapawa sensei.
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