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Re: are you combat effective!

Mark Uttech wrote:
I daresay that those of us who are not soldiers can hardly contemplate what 'combat' is. Those of us who have never been in any type of combat other than a street altercation cannot know what it is like to have bombs raining down and whistling all around.
I'm with Mark, here. When one says "combat" I think of a war and what soldiers do. The rules of war are different from the rules of self-defense and the rules of fighting. These are three different situations. Having lost an uncle in war (he was Marine who died in Vietnam), I really cringe when people start talking about "combat" effectiveness, because what that sounds like to me is that you are only focused on killing people where I think most people are really concerned about self-defense (legally defending themselves against and unprovoked attack) and few are concern about fighting (where people pit their skills against one another).

Anne Marie Giri
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