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Jorge Garcia
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Re: are you combat effective!

That's my point. That all we are ever working with are odds and yes, the more you train, with more focus and intensity under great teachers, the more improved your odds are but that doesn't tell you how you will do against anyone because you and I don't have that information about them. No one ever knows who is going to "beat" whom. Even what we think is often wrong. I was once In a Wendy's restaurant when a big guy in a truck pulled up and attacked a little guy who was kissing a girl in a car. The little guy was trapped against the car when the big guy came in with fists swinging and feet kicking. The little guy closed his eyes and threw one overhand shot and knocked out the big guy cold. He looked as shocked as anyone when it happened. I would have bet the house on the big guy but what should have happened didn't happen. No one ever knows.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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