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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

To pass on the responsibility to Guilarpe only compounds the problem. For Guilarpe to award Camar an eighth dan, he himself would have to be at least ninth dan, which is really hard to believe. There are as far as I know only two Aikikai ninth dans living right now, Tada and Okumura. Eighth dan is the level of Chiba and Tamura and Endo, all direct students of Morihei. You're telling me that Camar is at that level, when he is at best the student of a student of a student of Morihei? For you, he is. But which of the top shihan have you seen and taken ukemi for? If your group doesnt practice with other federations, doesnt take yudansha exams when the Aikikai shihan come, and doesnt go abroad to train with the Japanese shihan, how can you really tell?
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