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Mark Uttech
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Re: are you combat effective!

I daresay that those of us who are not soldiers can hardly contemplate what 'combat' is. Those of us who have never been in any type of combat other than a street altercation cannot know what it is like to have bombs raining down and whistling all around. The study of Aikido helps to learn about vulnerability, and how to begin to let go of the mind that wants to fight. The study of ukemi is itself a study of vulnerability and dealing with vulnerability. O' Sensei taught about vulnerability, about keeping the force of Nature in mind. He also taught a peaceful way of practice. Yes, a point may come where you will have to defend yourself. You may have to defend yourself against some mind-numbing disease. Even here, the steadfast practice of Aikido has a place. Time and chance happen to us all. I personally have found that bowing, and focusing on breathing are just two of thousands of ways to face the unknown. In gassho
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