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Re: Keep my new Tozando gi?

Nathan Darnell wrote:

How do you like your Tozando dogi? How does it compare to other dogi you have used? I have studied Kenpo for a long time and am new to Aikido, so I have always worn Karate dogi. I just bought a pair of Tozando Aikido pants and they seem pretty nice so far. I'm thinking about buying a Tozando top as well.

It's a very fine dogi as far as I'm concerned. It's very different from, say my old karategi which is made from canvas.
It's also varmer, due to the heavier quality.
The pants has a very good fit and sits tight, even though it has the same drawstring-system as my old pants.
I can only recommend it. Just be aware of the warmness of the dogi.

Best regards,
Steen Suder
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