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Re: Aikidoka learning Japanese


You'll learn japanese without even trying, so I would worry about learning it before....

....I had one 9 year old boy, who'd only had 3 classes, raise his hand and ask "can I be nage first?" One of my colleagues was so impressed that he knew the word 'nage' that she said I should let him...and I did.

...I had another 9 year old girl correct me. I said "Put your left foot forward". She said "don't you mean 'left hamni'? Guess I did....

Point will hear people say things, and they will demonstrate (and/or explain) and you will come and to associate actions and the words without even trying....(by the way, every sport/art has its language...when I danced I could speak 'dance french' learn the terms because you are into what you are learning)
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