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Hideo M. Kimura
Dojo: Shizendo Aiki-waza Soto Mission, Aiea
Location: Hawaii
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Hi, I'm Hideo Kimura of Shizendo Aiki-waza Dojo in Honolulu. At my age (77) I'm not so much interested in the combat aspects nor political aspects of Aikido as I am in the kinesiological & wellness education in relation to the spiritual aspects of practicing Aikido. I am not affiliated with any mainstream Aikido group since going independent in 1983 & organizing the Shizendo Kanno Kanwa Kai (Shizendo Functional Relaxation System). Under the Shizendo umbrella, I teach two classes--Shizendo Kakki-ho & Shizendo Aiki-waza. The first is more Ki therapy oriented, but the second is more somatic education-oriented. My purpose for being on Jun's program is to hopefully connect with experienced Aikido instructors who experiment with innovative ways doing the Aiki arts consistent with the philosophy of non-fighting mind" & have been researching & experimenting with teaching the arts in a more effortless way, yet not "mickey moused" choreographically, realizing full well that there is also a need for non-resistant kata that is another important aspect of practicing Aikido. .
In Shizendo we call our method "Sliding Hands Aikido", which entails training our intuitive sensing of Ki lines--with a minimum of "thinking" Aikido beyond the basic stages. We have made strides into the concept & techniques, but I feel we're still scratching the surface & am hoping I can find some other experienced instructors who are in the same direction that I am headed & are open to sharing any new ideas that I can experiment with & incorporate into our practice. One is never too old to learn new things & one style almost never fits all. I am also willing to share what we have discovered for those interested.
I began Aikido in 1956 under Hombu-affiliated Hawaii Aiki Kai (earned yondan) & later after the Tohei-Waka-sensei split, joined Tohei-sensei's Hawaii Ki-Aikido Society where I was awarded the rank of Ki Lecturer in addition to the Aikido dan. I taught Aikido at the University of Hawaii in 1966, & established dojos in Hana, Maui; Waiahole, Oahu; Kapaa, Kauai; Wake Island (under Federal Aviation Administration); served as staff instructor of Shinichi Suzuki's Wailuku, Maui, dojo; & conducted several Aikido & Shizendo Ki therapy workshops for Bay Area Aikido clubs & one Boston dojo (North East Aikido) in the Nineties. After retiring as a school principal in 1983, I began a second career as a licensed massage therapist to learn more about the intricacies of self-healing modalities.
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