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Re: Kotegaeshi in practice

[quote=Ian Dodkins]
I know an ex-instructor used it instinctively when he was stopping someone attacking a woman; he was suprised that the attacker was actually thrown through the air.

Thats interesting...That attacker must have had some martial arts experience. I am new to Aikido, but I have studied Kenpo for a long time and utilized kotegaeshi in many Kenpo techniques. I used to work in a jail and used kotegaeshi on an inmate once. He definitely didn't fly in the air or do any type of breakfall. He dropped to his knees and started screaming. I kept applying pressure and he dropped to his back, but he most certainly did not respond as your uke would in the dojo. Working in the jail allowed me to practice my martial arts quite a bit, and if I learned anything, its that our techniques do work. They are applicable in real life. Believe that, but they don't always look pretty or end the way we expect.
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