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Re: We need dojo help

Just some rambling thoughts:
1. If the students want to train, they need to take some responsibility for it. I would emphasize this immensely. That said, tap the resources of the dojo to make things happen. Have the students who are good at marketing do the marketing, promoting do the promoting, business run the dojo, etc. (If Sensei is not a control freak, this should be a good way to get things rolling; if Sensei is a control freak, you'll need to dance with him/her for a while before making it happen.)
2. Travel with Sensei to get more time together.
3. Maybe have Sensei work specifically with the senior students who are teaching when he's not there on how to be dynamic teachers, rather than just good aikidoka. Delivery is what captivates, subject matter usually comes second. That way Sensei's absence won't be as much of a hinderance.

Just some thoughts, hope they lead to something helpful, best of luck.

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