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Re: In the dojo, 90% of Aikido is uke

I think the difference in our approach comes from different understanding of aikido practice as ‘Kata'. I can't say how you guys practice it, but in my dojo, what we are doing, only looks like kata because of a fact having prearranged attack and prearranged technique. In reality, however, there is so much room ‘inside' of attack and a technique, that one can't really call it Kata.

Event at very first level of learning, I've never seen in any aikido style such rigor to execute a technique as I saw in Koryu training or in Judo kata.
Once one arrives at 3-2 kyu level, all resemblance to kata training is completely gone. And at 2-3 dan level, only global shape of attack / technique is preserved, but I'd call it rather application of technique.

IMO it is in accordance with O sensei teaching, he said that he broken with traditional Koryu spirit and approach to practice Budo in kata form.


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