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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
As far as I know, there is no "recognition" of rank between the two organinzations...perhaps that is what you meant.
I was unclear, but you last assumption fits well with what I meant. Maybe Yoshinkan has another terminology, but when a national aikido organisation - or another organisation - "belongs" to Aikikai, and have their dan ranks through the Aikikai, it is pronounced in the way that they have "recognition" from the Aikikai hombu. The thread starter said that his friend said "all other federations are not recognized by Aikikai Honbu dojo" and well, in a way it is true but it still means nothing. That is what I wanted to say. Assuming that other aikido styles should need "recognition" from the Aikikai is to see the Aikikai as the center of the aikido universe - which I am sure you do not.

Ron Tisdale wrote:
The Yoshinkan was started with Ueshiba Sensei's permission and blessing, and to this day, the head of the Yoshinkan attends the All Japan Aikido Demonstration given by the Aikikai, and he sits at the head table.
Well, Chikai Aikidoka - if your friend continues his talk, maybe this is something to tell him! I would not spend too much energy on it, though. Chances are he will never be convinced. If it does come from his teacher... be sure he never will, because people in general just can not face that their teachers are wrong about things, and if so it is probably better the less you talk about the matter. We believe and obey authority - we are created that way. It is so easy for people from a big organisations or styles to look down on smaller ones - the opposite is also quite possible but less common, and generally looks slightly different.
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