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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

Maumote Chami wrote:
got into an arguement with someone who implied that Aikikai IS the authority on Aikido and that "all other federations are not recognized by Aikikai Honbu dojo"


To my surprise, he's been doing Aikido for more than 3 years and yet I sensed that he think only those dojos who are recognized (as in registered I think) by Aikikai are the right Aikido schools.

How do I politically correctly put it to him that althought they're diff. schools of style but at the end it's a 1 Aikido with the same principles w/ diff. flavors??
Well, if your teacher's lineage goes back to Ueshiba, it is aikido... Of course non-Aikikai dojos are not recognised by the Aikikai. Non-Yoshinkan dojos are not recognised by the Yoshinkan, etc. What is within the Aikikai and what is not, is a matter of politics more than anything else. I am not sure what you should tell this individual, though. Maybe his teacher is saying this stuff, to make his students feel very proud to belong to the only "real" dojo in the area or similar. If so, I do not suppose there is anything you can say to make him change his mind. What he is saying is basically "my school is better than your school", "my daddy is stronger than your daddy" and that kind of arguments is a dead end street.
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