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Re: In the dojo, 90% of Aikido is uke

I voted: uke is never wrong.

Sorry Amir, I didn't have time to respond your question in other topic, but here we can talk about it.
Of course in the beginning, uke's help is necessary to learn the techniques. But this situation can't be set up for all your life.
Ultimate goal is to develop your skills at the level, where uke help is not necessary anymore. In other words, your technique doesn't depend of uke will.

One must state this goal for himself as soon as he knows general form of a technique and even if he still needs help of uke. This way, instead of loosing his limited training time correcting "bad uke" he will use it to develop his own skills.

Also even if you give 1 % of responsibility of technique for uke, you create situation, where tori have room to endlessly discuss behavior of uke. Again, attention is given to uke instead of polishing his own skills. This 1% of freedom, will create 10 000 different interpretation and tori will never develop correct feeling "what is right and what is wrong". This special feeling is a base to make right decision in the moment of contact to develop spontaneous response.

There are many other negatives consequences, among them, even after many years of practice, a student will be always searching fault in uke behavior and will try to correct him, give him ‘friendly advices' which at black belt level will create a lot of tensions and bad feelings. We don't have a luxury of competition to clearly establish who has a reason. So instead of that, we need a very sever rule, that prevent development of unclear situations. Without such rule, we will face more and more divisions in aikido world instead of Harmony.

In the other hand, aikido is supposed to develop spiritual part of human life. Such practice is always directed to ‘inside' and our rule uke is never wrong will direct all efforts exactly in this direction. Everybody has a lot of work on his own body and mind and we need concentrate all energy to do it. If one can't shift responsibility on somebody else, it will create positive environment to work on himself.

I hope it is more clear now.


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