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Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

What about to say should not be taking out of context as being a bias toward one style or other. Please take it w/

I got into an arguement with someone who implied that Aikikai IS the authority on Aikido and that "all other federations are not recognized by Aikikai Honbu dojo"

I asked him more or less what is Aikido?
Is it the one that O'sensei taught pre WWII?
Or Is it the one that O'sensei taught post WWII?
Or Is it the one that O'sensei taught at Iwama?
Or Is it the one that O'sensei taught to his different diciples at diff. times?
Or aren't all of them Aikido?

I furher added that a lot of those O'senesei disciples that established their own schools where either ushi dashis of O'sensei or long time students of his.

To my surprise, he's been doing Aikido for more than 3 years and yet I sensed that he think only those dojos who are recognized (as in registered I think) by Aikikai are the right Aikido schools.

How do I politically correctly put it to him that althought they're diff. schools of style but at the end it's a 1 Aikido with the same principles w/ diff. flavors??

P.S. Our sensei traces our Aikido lineage to Ki-society and Aikikai and currently under the advisory of a Yoshinkan school. What I see in our training seems Aikikai. & about it
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