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Amir Krause
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Re: In the dojo, 90% of Aikido is uke

I can not answer your question - I think this is situation dependent:

The proper way to be Uke depends on many factors, one of those is experience of each, another is the intention of the specific practice (the same situation and technique can be practiced with a variety of goals).

A good Uke is essential to learning good Aikido, but one should not mistake the meaning of this statement and put the responsibility of performing a good technique on Uke. Uke is responsible for giving an opportunity and proper feedback for training only. Tori is responsible to perform the technique to perfection, and as the level advances, should be able to perform some technique in an situation. Note, the latter does not fit practicing Kata (technique practice in pre decided situation), in which Tori may succeed in performing some technique, but not the desirable technique intended for practice.



I loved the cataloging of "Bad Uke" behaviors.
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