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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

HI Richie,

I am very sure that Omar Camar is not connected with Aikikai Hombu Dojo. First, No Filipino or non-Japanese has ever been awarded an "8th Dan" by Hombu Dojo except Noquet of France (O'sensei student). Look at the 8th Dans at Hombu Dojo and abroad, all of them are japanese and original students of O'Sensei. How can Omar Camar be an 8th Dan when he has no connection to O'Sensei at all. Second, we have received a communication from Hombu Dojo asking us who is Omar Camar because word reached Hombu dojo that Omar Camar is telling his students that he will go to Hombu and teach aikido there. Hombu told us that he is not registered there (pm me if you want a copy of the communication). Lastly, how come that you or his students don't have any Aikikai Yudansha Card - this is proof that you are registered and affiliated with the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.
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